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Mission Trivia

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Did you know?

  • that in Cubulco there are 13 Achi men helping with the evangelizing and translating on a full-time or part-time basis?

  • that pastor Herfst has indicated he wants to leave the mission field in 2002?

  • that it is urgent that we pray for a replacement?

  • that the mission is involved in radio broadcasting?

  • that people have contacted the mission because of the radio messages?

  • that Cubulco has a Christian bookstore?

  • that at the bookstore people ask the mission team to visit them in their home?

  • that those requests had to be turned down because of lack of manpower?

  • that this year, with added manpower, those visits are made?

  • that four mountain churches have been built, with services held on a regular basis?

  • that one of those churches has the foundation eroded because of severe rains?

  • that another aldea is preparing to build a church?

  • that besides the mountain churches there are four preaching stations where the mission team conducts services?

  • that two of those stations were established while pastor Herfst was on furlough?

  • that one station is forty kilometers from Cubulco?

  • that this is the place where the fifth church is to be built?

  • that in December pastor Herfst started visiting an aldea that is 64 kilometers from Cubulco?

  • that most of those kilometers are traveled on foot and the trail crosses two rivers numerous times?

  • that those rivers are being crossed by wading and at times the water is chest-deep?

  • that there are Reformed believers in Chichicastenango who are seeking contact with our mission?

  • that for the second time VBS was held in Cubulco last December?

  • that of the 100 children who attended, 60 were from a non-Christian background?

  • that several of those children have asked to join the Sunday School classes?

  • that Young People classes have been started as well as adult Bible studies?

  • that the Bible Institute has been re-established?

  • that all the Achi men who work for the mission attend the Bible Institute?

  • that translation work continues to be done on Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Psalms and Proverbs?

  • that this work is tedious and not glamorous, but very important to the mission endeavour?

  • that the mission is cooperating to develop a primer to be used in the Achi schools?

  • that Scripture portions translated into Achi are now being used as readers?

  • that Achi tracts and song books have been printed?

  • that these song books are in the process of being updated, corrected and expanded?

  • that road conditions in the Cubulco vicinity are very rough?

  • that vehicle maintenance is high because of bad roads?

  • that dust and humidity affects the life span of computers?

  • that diaconal help is provided to families whose homes were damaged by severe rains?

  • that expenses exceeded receipts in 1999 by $34,765?

  • that this trivia list has two purposes?

  • that the first purpose is to inform you of the extent of the work in Cubulco?

  • that this list is incomplete?

  • that the second purpose is to drum up more money? At present the finances within the mission are tight.

  • that you are encouraged to support the mission with both your prayers and your wallet.

  • that the proposed budget for 2000 will require contributions from the Free Reformed Churches to increase by 20% over 1999.

  • That you will find a brief summary of income and expenses below.
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