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Sunday, 29 November -0001 18:42

Anti-Semitism on the Increase

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
"Halt the new wave of anti-Semitic attacks abroad," Israel's Foreign Ministry pleaded with governments around the world. Outbreaks of violence against Jews have escalated since deadly clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces broke out in the Holy Land, Reuters reported. At least two Paris synagogues have been hit with arson within the last month, as have Jewish places of worship in the United States and other European countries, according to the news service. A Jewish school in the French capital was the target of several petrol bombs and other parts of the country report an increase in anti-Semitic graffiti, Reuters reported. In addition, several Jewish cemeteries around the world have been desecrated and unknown assailants shot a rabbi in Chicago to death. Anti-Semitic incidents "should cause shock and disgust among all civilized people," the Israeli Foreign Ministry statement said. It called other countries to take "immediate action" to stop the racist incidents and bring the criminals to justice. (From Reuters via Crosswalk)

Not only is it deplorable what is happening in Israel, but what is happening worldwide. But what is most deplorable is that Christians, both Jewish and Palestinian, often bear the brunt of such attacks. Let us pray for our Christian brothers and sisters, both Jewish and Palestinian, that peace may return, and that all sides involved may learn to live in peace with one another.

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