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The Legal Battle of Trinity Western University

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Trinity Western University, located near Langley, British Columbia, has applied to be granted the right to certify candidates for a public teaching degree. The College of Teachers (public school system) has challenged this granting of status to TWU on the grounds that TWU discriminates against students who practice homosexuality, pre-marital sex or adultery. Thus the College of Teachers would have TWU denied a public benefit based on a private value and belief. The CoT has taken this matter to the courts twice already, and having lost the case both times, has now taken it to the Supreme Court of Canada, where it will be heard sometime towards the end of 2000 or the beginning of 2001. On the side of the CoT is the Ontario College of Teachers, who advocates that homosexuality ought not only to be publicly accepted and posted, but that it must be affirmed! This case will have far-reaching implications. If the Supreme Court of Canada rules in favour of the CoT, it will set a precedent whereby people and institutions will be denied public benefits and it will increase the discrimination against Christians. It will also set a precedent for future court decisions that could involve the denial of tax exemptions for Christian charitable organizations and funding support and building permits for Christian institutions. (This information was emailed to me from someone in BC who has been attending the meetings and who, we hope will keep us up-to-date on this matter.)
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