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Theft In and Around Churches

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Thieves are slipping into churches and snatching purses that belong to choir members who left them unattended while performing, police say. Thieves have hit four churches in Northern Virginia in the last few weeks and made off with wallets and chequebooks. "Churches tend to be places of trust, places of sanctuary. The thief was certainly taking advantage of this," Cpl. Justin McNaull, an Arlington police spokesman, told The Washington Post. At Memorial Baptist Church in Arlington, choir members said they had been assured they could leave their belongings in a chapel in another section of the church. Pastor Bill Smith said the doors were locked and he is not sure how the thieves got in, but does not think it was an inside job. The suspects have written numerous stolen cheques all over Northern Virginia, police said. (From The Washington Post)

We too, need to become more careful with our belongings in and around our churches. While we are engaged in worship, there are unscrupulous persons from the world who will not hesitate to engage in theft in and around our churches. I remember that in Vineland, some twelve years ago, several (unlocked) cars were emptied of valuables. I performed a wedding in Mitchell one Saturday afternoon some eight years ago, and when we came out of the church, a number of cars were minus licence plates. Other examples could be given. Let us exercise care. Churches and church parking lots can be open invitations to thieves.

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