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Reformed Evangelism at the Plowing Match

Written by Andy Warren
The 1999 International Plowing Match (I.P.M.) was held north of London, Ontario, near the rural town of Dashwood, from September 21-25. It has become an annual event to do evangelism work at the I.P.M. Again, we were very glad and thankful for the many helpers and assistance we received in erecting our tent and putting all the books and tracts on display. It was quite windy on Monday, the first day, so we needed all the help we could get to keep things from blowing away. Our ÒneighboursÓ were happy that we had good help, so we were also able to lend a hand with their tent as the wind made it quite a chore.

The weather was fairly good throughout the week, but we had to contend with a lot of wind and dust. We were continually dusting off our books. We also heard reports of exhibitorsÕ tents blowing down, so we were very thankful that we didn't have that problem.

People representing different Reformed denominations were represented in our tent this year who came to help and evangelize. It was much appreciated and we had good fellowship with one another. We hope that the Lord will bring us together again for the I.P.M 2000. It was also appreciated that some ministers came to help.

As happened last year, our ÒneighboursÓ on both sides of the tent were selling T shirts, so, we were able to fellowship and witness without having any loud music noises to contend with. Two of the men next to us were watching us all week, and would come over from time to time with some very challenging questions which made us really stop and think. We hope and pray that our example and witness to them provoked them to think about their eternal destiny.

A project has been started of giving away New Testaments and Psalms to children who don't have the Scriptures. Hundreds were given away to many school children who were brought to the tent by their teachers, who in turn thanked us very sincerely for doing this work. Schools and society are removing the Word of God and His Commandments from the children. It says in the Scriptures, "Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word" (Psalm 119:9). Many children were also sent to us from other evangelism tents. It is our prayer that the Lord will use His Word, which we handed out, to bring the children to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. In giving the New Testaments we placed a tract inside and asked the children to give them to their parents.

Many children and young people seem to be searching for the truth. One young girl told us that she had been raised in the church during part of her childhood but her parents split up and stopped going to church during her teenage years. She had started to wonder about God. She stood in front of the Gospel tract rack for over an hour reading everything she could.

We sold many Reformed Christian books and Bibles and gave out many tracts. We have noticed that people who are from a doctrinally Arminian background are starting to trust the literature that we promote. At first, they only came in for children's books, but now they are venturing to buy adult study books too.

Over the years, in this outreach work, we have found that our ministry is not just a benefit to unchurched people, but is also used by some ministers outside Reformed circles. They pick up Reformed books and incorporate Reformed teaching into their ministry, which we have been told, meets with quite a bit of resistance. We believe that GodÕs Word will not return unto Him void (cf.Isa.55:11).

We hope the Lord will burden many people with the desire to take part in the outreach ministry at I.P.M. 2000, which is scheduled to be held September 19 to 23, 2000, D.V. at Elora, Ontario, near Kitchener.

We thank everyone who participated in setting up, who billeted people, those who worked behind the scene, and the donations that made this work possible. We hope you will keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and above all, that the Lord may continue to bless this work.

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