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Preaching at Mayor's Induction

Written by Ken and Jackie Herfst
January 15, 2000, we joined many of our fellow "Cubuleros" in our new municipal hall as Rolando Rivera Gomez was inducted in his second term as mayor of Cubulco. Once again he invited me to bring a short message on this important occasion. It hardly needs to be said that this is a unique opportunity. The event was well attended.

During the meeting, there was a public recognition of Mary Shaw who happened to be with us in Cubulco for a week of workshops with the translation team. She spoke in Spanish and Achi and the crowd responded with warm applause. The hospital continues to provide health care to people far beyond the town limits. The New Testament continues to change lives. We are grateful for the privilege to carry on the work that she and Helen began almost 50 years ago.

It was a special treat to spend time with Mary around the table as she told us about the earlier days of the work. Despite her 78 years, Mary has a sharp mind and wonderful sense of humour. The Translation team benefited greatly from her expertise and insights.

We would like to thank all those who sent cards for Christmas and our birthdays. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated; the assurance of your prayers gives us encouragement to press on.

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