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A Saint For Internet Users

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Despite increasing calls for Catholic users of the Internet, the Vatican has not yet made any official decision on approving a patron saint for cybernauts. According to a spokesman for Switzerland's Catholic bishops, many Catholics believe that the church needs to appoint a spiritual guardian for the Internet because of the lack of moral authority over the exploding number of websites, many of which present immoral material. Although the Vatican has delayed a final decision because it wants to wait and see how the Internet evolves, a search was commissioned earlier this year to find out who among the existing saints would be the most suitable person for the Internet. Researchers have come up with Saint Isidore, Bishop of Seville, in Spain. Although most Catholics do not know him, scholars see him as a "man ahead of his time" because he wrote a form of encyclopaedia, Etymologies, which resembled a form of database. (From REC News Exchange)

The dangers of the Internet are real, but I'm afraid a saint will not be of any help, even though he was "ahead of his time." We need someone who is "in time" to help us, and that can only be Jesus Christ.

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