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Ukraine Elections Turn to Christianity

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The re-election of Leonid Kuchma as president of Ukraine is an answer to prayer for the country's Christians. Kuchma defeated the Communist Party candidate in a run-off election on November 14. He has supported the church during his five-year tenure, giving Christians more freedom and use of public buildings and property for churches, and has apologized for the persecution of Christians during the communist era. Churches prayed and fasted for God to give Kuchma victory. "Look what the church can do," American businessman Dana Morey, who has preached in the Ukraine, told Religion Today. "Only heaven knows the true impact of our prayers, but I think the church has made a difference here and it is wonderful." (From Religion Today)

Perhaps this is the next part of the world where God will place His candlestick of the Gospel, even as He is busy removing it from other parts of the world.

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