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Alert For Demonic Powers

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Astrology, fortune telling, and palm reading are dangerous openings to demonic powers, an evangelical minister told a church conference in Germany. Friedhold Vogel leads a national prayer ministry and is an expert on the subject of occult practices, the German Evangelical Alliance said. Germany has 90,000 clairvoyants and fortune-tellers, about half of whom practice full time. People who take part in the activities are exposing themselves to the influence of demonic powers, Vogel said. He recounted his experiences with several young women who dabbled in the occult and eventually committed suicide because voices from beyond told them to, he said. People who have taken part in such activities should receive counseling and prayer from Christian ministers to free themselves of the demonic influences, he said. (From Religion Today)

The alert is not superfluous. As more and more people remove from themselves the Word of God, they will feel the need to fill that vacuum. The demonic forces are there to accommodate. Although we do not hold to the practice of "exorcism," we must be ready with counselling and prayer.

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