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Sunday, 29 November -0001 18:42

Standing on a Principle

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Omni Hotels no longer will offer X-rated films in its rooms. Citing a pro-family policy, the chain's 43 hotels worldwide will stop offering pornographic movies by next June. That will cost Omni $3 million a year in revenues and an additional $3 million to buy new televisions for all of its 9,100 guestrooms, it said. Owner Robert Rowlings, a pro-family advocate, made the decision because "it was in direct conflict to his moral ethics, and he didn't want to profit from adult movies," spokesman Peter Strebel said. Most hotels are unlikely to follow Omni's lead, industry leaders said. Guests paid more than $175 million to see pornographic movies in their rooms in 1996. "It's clearly what customers wish to see," Peter Hilary of Doyle Group Hotel USA said. (According to the Washington Times)

Rowlings is to be commended for standing on a principle. But it goes to show how enticing a hotel/motel guestroom can be for a man away from home on a business trip. May we, who must travel and take the occasional businessman's facility, be guarded from such enticements. Going for an Omni Hotel, if possible, is already a good start.

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