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Taking Church Discipline Seriously

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A Texas church holds a service when it excommunicates a member for immorality. Members of Colleyville Presbyterian Church who fail to confess when confronted by the elders with evidence of immorality, such as involvement in adultery, homosexuality, or pornography, are excommunicated during a solemn ceremony, the Dallas Morning News said. During the churchÕs last excommunication service, which involved a man accused of adultery, 220 members listened to pastor Dale SmithÕs sermon titled "The Nature, Warrant, and Necessity of Biblical Church Discipline." Neither the accused adulterer, who had moved away, nor his wife and children were present. The wife said she is wounded by her husbandÕs adultery, but is relieved that the church upheld GodÕs law. A person can be brought back into communion by repenting, which involves confessing and agreeing to change. "The church has abandoned its historical stance, which declared that right is right and wrong is wrong," Smith, 50, said. "A large reason is the moral relativity that marks the church today." Four men have been excommunicated in SmithÕs 23 years as the churchÕs pastor, he said. "But I can assure you it is done in the context of love." (From Religion Today)

ThatÕs what you might call taking church discipline seriously! Perhaps there is something to be learned from the Colleyville Presbyterian Church.

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