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Presidential Candidates With A Biblical Perspective

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Will the government work extensively with churches to solve social problems, as two presidential candidates are proposing? If that happens, it could be "the most profound change in domestic policies since the sixties," Charles Colson said. The chairman of Prison Fellowship Ministries was commenting on Texas Gov. George W. BushÕs proposed $8 billion in tax incentives. They are meant to encourage people to give to charities and community groups that offer social services. The Republican presidential frontrunner, speaking July 22 at IndianapolisÕ Metro Church, said he wants to rally "little armies of compassion" across the country. Vice President Al Gore, the likely Democrat nominee, also has said he favours an increased role for religious groups that offer social services. "I am thrilled with the commitment that Gov. Bush has made in promoting faith-based programs to solve public policy problems," Colson said. "These words are not merely rhetoric for Bush as is evidenced by his policies and actions in governing the state of Texas. In 25 years of working with prisoners, their families, and victims of crime, I have seen that faith is the only thing that really changes lives." (From Religion Today)

It seems that these two men have a better Biblical perspective on things than the current president.

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