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Attack On An Ancient Christian Symbol

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The Ichthus symbol (fish-symbol because ichthus is Greek for fish) is an ancient symbol of Christianity. It was used extensively by Christians in Rome during the days of the catacombs as a secret symbol of identification. Ichthus became a Christian symbol in those days, because each letter in this word stood for the confession ÒJesus Christ, GodÕs Son, Saviour.Ó But of late also this ancient Christian symbol has been the object of attack. A witch aided by the American Civil Liberties Union has ousted the Christian fish from a city seal. A federal judge ruled in favor of Jean Webb, a practitioner of Wicca and former resident of Republic, Mo., who sued the city to remove the symbol from its official seal, the Associated Press said. She claimed that the symbol constituted a violation of the First Amendment and created an uneasy atmosphere for non-Christians. U.S District Judge Russell Clark agreed. "While the purpose of placing the fish symbol on the city seal may not have been to endorse Christianity, the effect of the seal is to do so," he wrote in the decision handed down.
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