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Christian Witness to Israel (CWI): TheThreat Is Not Over

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Since our denomination supports Jewish outreach by means of CWI, I am sure that the make-up of the new Israeli government and the effect it will have on the liberties of Jewish Christians (Messianic Jews) will be of concern. The new minister, Mr Ehud Barak (Labour), is currently in the process of constructing a governing coalition. According to most press reports, Mr. Barak has to consider which of the two big parties, Shas or Likud, would best suit his purposes. In order to avoid coalition wrangles and political stagnation, and to effectively implement his policies, he wants only one of these big parties in his government. He may feel it necessary to placate the religious right wing and invite Shas into the coalition. If he does opt for Shas, which has now almost doubled its Knesset seats, he may have to pay a high price by acceding to demands for another Bill curtailing civil liberties by outlawing Christian activity in Israel. (From the latest alert from Christian Witness to Israel)

This newsletter requests us to please commit this matter to urgent prayer.

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