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Witchcraft In The US Army

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The United States Army is allowing witches to worship on military bases. The witches are followers of Wicca, a pagan religion that worships gods and goddesses. There are about 20 witches attending covens at Fort Hood, Texas, Army spokesman James Wittmeyer told Religion Today. Fort Hood is the Army's largest base with 42,000 troops. The pagans are afforded the same privileges as Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Wicca was recognized as a legitimate faith three years ago by the Department of Defense, Wittmeyer said. A Pentagon spokesman said the Army is obliged by the Constitution to respect and make provisions for the religious needs of members of the military, and not judge their beliefs. There are about 50,000 followers of Wicca in the United States, American Wiccans of Berkeley, California, said. The Army increased security at Fort Hood in order to deter members of Christian groups from intimidating the witches, who meet in campgrounds. The Army appointed chaplains to oversee pagan ceremonies on at least fives bases, news reports said. Lt. Col. Donald Troyer, a Seventh-day Adventist chaplain, has been ordered to take responsibility for Fort Hood's coven. He reportedly said he is not overjoyed with the job. Wiccans hold festivals around a burning bonfire and do not require a chapel. They worship during the vernal and autumnal equinox. They say they do not worship the devil and that human and animal sacrifices are not tolerated. (From Religion Today)

Toleration is the word today. Pagan religions, even witchcraft must therefore be tolerated. I wonder if it had been the other way around, would the Christian religion have been allowed? I think we know the answer.

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