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Spiritual War in Vietnam

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Northern Vietnam is waging a propaganda war against tribal Christians. The 42-page booklet Propagandizing and Mobilizing People Not to Follow Illegal Religion calls Protestant evangelists enemies of the state and encourages informers to report their activities. The Communist Party in Ha Giang province published the pamphlet late last year. This pamphlet targets the evangelistic group Vang Chu, which means "Religion of the Lord of Heaven" which has gained many followers among the Hmong tribal group. The tract calls on the Hmong to forsake Christianity and return to their traditional faith. "These forces are propagandizing with deceptive beliefs and want us to listen to Vang Chu in order to destroy our solidarity, and discard the good customs of our ethnic minority people," the pamphlet states. Western governments see the pamphlet as another tool in Vietnam's war against Protestantism. diplomats said Hanoi is afraid the Hmong will demand their own state with Protestantism as the official faith. Many Christian evangelists and pastors have been jailed and threatened for preaching the message of Christ. (From Reuters)

The military war might be over in Vietnam, but the spiritual war goes on!

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