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From the Ottens

Written by John and Connie Otten
In April we went with some of the hospital staff to do a medical clinic in a village Tres Cruzes. It has approximately 1500 people, with other villages nearby. About a year has transpired since we have gone on a medical trip to a village because of our shortage of medical staff. We had gone to this village before and it was a five-our drive by jeep as we had to go around the mountain and enter from the other side. By foot it is six hours walking. This year the government has been constructing several roads in the Cubulco area and one has been to this village.

The trip took only a little over an hour by jeep. We had made arrangements with a member of the village leadership, but when we arrived there no one was expecting us nor had they heard about the campaign. We came upon a group of women who were being given food by another institution, so we told them why we were here and after asking the school for a room to do consultations, we were set up. One of the nurses gave a devotional and then the doctor began seeing patients.

Although we didn't have any lab the doctor was able to treat a lot of respiratory ailments. Medicine was sold at cost and help was given to those who couldn't pay. During the day the nurses gave classes on how to prevent diarrhea and also on some basic first aid to the people as they waited. We also had Bible reading tapes and music playing. Even though no one knew of our coming, the doctor attended over 90 patients.

We were all impressed with how God directs things. We had intended to go the day before as well, but because of an emergency situation at the hospital we canceled that day. We likely would have had only a few consultations as no one knew of our coming and would not likely have returned the second day. As we drove up the second day we expected the people to be disappointed in our not showing up the day before. That didn't happen as they weren't even expecting us. When we did arrive we were disappointed that no one was told of our coming. This didn't seem to matter too much because we had a full day of work once we started.

We will be coming to Canada at the end of July until September and John plans to get training for his instrument pilot's license. John flies most weeks now, rotating the doctors for their weeks off (they are flown to Guatemala City to be with their families on their week off).

Our family has been blessed with good health and the children are growing well. Nathan is a happy baby, and Arlen enjoys his baby brother. The girls are doing well in their school work, and looking forward to the end of the year.

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