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Teenager's Music

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Parents who feel inadequate to deal with their teen-ager's music have a new resource. Chart Watch (Focus on the Family), a book by Bob Smithhouser and Bob Waliszewski, reviews the lyrics of more than 400 compact discs. Modern music is "like a foreign language to parents, and most are clueless," Smithhouser, editor of Plugged In magazine, told Religion Today. "Our book provides parents with enough information to confidently enter their teen's world. We give specifics so parents can make a case. We allow parents and teen to hold up lyrics in the light of Scripture." Parents should "withstand the temptation to gravitate to legalism or permissiveness," Smithhouser said. "They should use discernment and listen to what the songs are saying. They don't need to use an iron fist, which can cause rebellion, but should develop a healthy conversation." Parents should "not just give up," he said. (From Religion Today)

Good advice! Good resource! Another good source of information is a 200 page paperback TRUTH ABOUT ROCK, Shattering the Myth of Harmless Music, by Steve Peters and Mark Littleton, from Bethany House Publishers.

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