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Gamblers Populous

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Nearly 2 million Americans are pathological gamblers, a study says. The report by the National Research Council (NRC) said 1.8 million Americans are "unable to resist impulses to gamble," CNN said. More than 80% of Americans have gambled. "More people are gambling, and they are wagering more," the study said. The NRC presented its findings to the National Gambling Impact Study Commission March 18. More research should be done on gambling, including its social costs compared with the economic benefits that casinos bring to economically depressed areas, the study said. The NRC said it could not determine if gambling has had a significant impact on communities or on national suicide and crime rates. (From Religion Today)

Indeed, gambling is on the increase in many forms here in North America. Just recently the game of "Craps" (the throwing of dice) has been legalized in Canada as well. It is said that this game appeals especially to the beginners and up-starts in gambling. From where will such beginners and up-starts come? We hope and pray not from the churches! But just in case--there are two helpful books I would like to recommend: Gambling, A Bad Bet by Norman L. Geisler with Thomas A. Howe (Fleming H. Revell); and Tony Evans Speaks Out On Gambling And The Lottery (Moody Press).

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