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The Shroud of DNA

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Leoncio Garza-Valdes has written a book with the title The DNA of God? in which he explains his examination of the famed Shroud of Turin, which is claimed by the Roman Catholic Church to be the burial-cloth in which the body of Jesus was wrapped after His crucifixion. The author claims to have discovered not only microscopic splinters from the cross and samples of vinegar, but also samples of DNA. ÒIf you are a Christian--the DNA I found is that of the Son of God,Ó he said in an interview. Apparently, the suggestion of cloning came into discussion as well in the interview--(the thought borders on blasphemy!)--but the author assures us, ÒThere is no fear Jesus can be cloned. The DNA samples IÕve found, taken from the shroud, are not complete enough to be replicated.Ó (From Southam Newspapers)

I wonder if the Roman Catholic Church will continue with this nonsense of venerating this piece of cloth. Some have called it a Òbrilliant hoax.Ó But now this hoax creates the possibility of raising men to new levels of pride and arrogance, not to say outright blasphemy! May God, in His mysterious ways, dispense with this shroud, as He once did with the ark of the covenant and the two tablets and the rod of Aaron.

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