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Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Germany has declared 1999 "Katharina-Year," analogous to "Luther-Year" of 1983. This is to commemorate the birth and life of Katharina Von Bora, (1499-1552) the wife of Martin Luther. Her life was, to say the least, an interesting life. From a nun to a wife of the most famous reformer of that time! Her place in history should not be forgotten. Like her husband, she had a stubborn streak in her which brought some exciting moments to the Luther household. Martin held his wife in high esteem--for her hospitality (fifty people at dinner most times!), but also for her resolute ways of running the household. With a mixture of esteem and tease, Martin would invariably address her in his correspondence as "My Lord Katharina Luther," or address her personally as "Your ." Much more on this can be read in De Wekker #14,15, (If you can read Dutch) or look in your church library under Katherine Von Bora.
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