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Bible Burning Cuba

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Thousands of Bibles were burned by military troops in Cuba last week, Voice of the Martyrs said. Garbage containers in Arrollo Naranjo, a suburb of Havana near a military base, were used to burn the books, the Oklahoma-based group said. A witness at the scene quoted a soldier at the fire as saying the Bibles were being burned because "they are subversive." The Bibles were reportedly sent by organizations outside Cuba because they had the title Cuba Para Cristo, meaning Cuba for Christ. (From a report Voice of the Martyrs)

It would perhaps have been wiser to have done without the title Cuba Para Cristo (a popular evangelistic cry) and opted for a more traditional title such as Bible. Nevertheless, this proves again that Bible burning is not merely past-history; it is present-history!

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