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Hypocrisy in the U.N.

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
"Our battle is against the hypocrisy at the United Nations. This is the city [Geneva] of human rights, yet many here are working (for UN officials) from six in the morning to midnight every day, with no insurance, no pension, no sickness benefit, no holidays, for less than £300 a month. How can these people really believe in human rights?" In an Internet magazine called "Hearthside Family Publications," editor Dave Delany recently wrote that "there are multiple lawsuits against UN officials in Geneva... Mary Robinson, the UN High Commissioner for human rights, confirmed that she was to launch an inquiry into the 'virtual slavery' of domestic servants in Geneva - ironically, among the High Commission - who work around the clock..." In a city where £1,800 a month is considered a survival wage for a single person, Issa Diallo - a close advisor to United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan - is being sued by a slave, who claims she is only receiving £20 a month. Diallo says he can prove he paid £680 or about one-third of the survival wage - in his 'generosity' for her endless labor and deteriorating health. Even so, his wife says of their slaves, 'They get too much.'" There are dozens of other such suits, writes Delany, and many have already been won. But millions of pounds of back wages ordered by the courts have not been paid. (From a Communique of the CHP)

Human rights might be a humanist ideal, but it has many abuses, even by those who advocate human rights. One of the problems is that human rights is not a Biblical ideal. Another problem is even more sinister: UN officials have diplomatic immunity, so court decisions cannot be enforced. In other words, UN officials are above the law! We know what conclusions to draw. Human rights is often nothing more than hypocrisy, and the UN is not without it!

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