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Millennium Headaches in Israel

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Israeli security forces have formed a "Millennium Unit." Made up of police and agents of Israeli intelligence agencies, it will guard against those who believe that the new millennium will mark the end of the world. The squad recently arrested 14 men, women, and children of a Denver cult suspected of trying to force the second coming of Christ by inciting violence in Jerusalem, the Associated Press said... Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to visit the Holy Land in 2000. Most of the tourists will be peaceful religious pilgrims, but others might have dark fantasies of witnessing the Apocalypse, police say. "There is nothing more powerful than believing that you live at the end of time," said Richard Landes of Boston University's Center for Millennium Studies. At least 100 religious believers reportedly are living on the Mount of Olives, hoping to personally observe Jesus' prophesied return. (From Religion Today)

No doubt much more of this sort of thing will be seen and heard before this millennium draws to a close. Several things need to be remembered: 1. Whenever Jesus returns, every eye shall see Him, no matter in which location we might find ourselves to be. 2. A trip to Israel should never be considered as a pilgrimage (see news-note above. 3. We will all meet the Lord, whether it is in the year 2,000 or earlier. Are we prepared?

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