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Beer Drinking In Heaven?!

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The Miller Brewing Co. has produced a TV ad featuring three beer-guzzling angels partying in the clouds. The Minneapolis ad firm Fallon and McElligott created the commercial, which depicts three young men with wings and white suits dancing to hip-hop music as they chug Miller Lite. When the "angels" deplete their beers, they look down on earth, create a gust of wind and cause a tree to fall in front of a Miller truck. When the bottles fall out of the back of the truck and float up to heaven, the party continues. Miller spokeswoman Gina Shaffer said the ad was not intended to be taken seriously. "We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback," she said. "People get that it's very light- hearted, it's very fun." Meanwhile, a pastor from Newark, NJ, Rev. Edward Smart, pastor of Israel Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church has mounted a campaign to protest this commercial, and has gathered 3,000 signatures on a petition against the Milwaukee-based beer company. (From RNS)

This shows again that the world is not neutral towards the Christian religion, but finds it profitable to derange it and make it a comedy.

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