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Cyberporn Guard

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A three-day "Internet/Online Summit: Focus on the Children" was held last December in Washington, D.C. which saw government, school, library, computer-industry, and child-advocacy group leaders assembled to discuss how to protect children from Internet obscenity. Vice President Al Gore announced a "zero tolerance" policy on Internet pornography depicting children and the creation of a "tip-line", where parents can report child pornography. Gore also unveiled a public education campaign to teach parents how to protect children surfing the Internet. Online providers say parents have primary responsibility to monitor the computer behaviour of their children, but some providers have gone a step further, as for instance America Online, which unveiled a package of initiatives to make online navigation safer for children by featuring a permanent parental controls button on the welcome screen that enables adults to lock children out of anything but approved areas, chat rooms, and Web sites. Parental-control software was also recommended by some, such as Cyber Patrol, SurfWatch, or Net Nanny. However, critics contend that screening technology alone is inadequate and that further legal regulation is necessary, because "No screening technology blocks all sites containing harmful sexual content" (From NEWS Christianity Today)

The danger may be greater than we think. And screening technology might indeed not be adequate! Consumer Report has tested four of the biggest Internet "baby-sitters" on the market. The results were discouraging. After selecting 22 "easy-to-find" objectionable Web sites, technical experts attempted to log onto those sites with the blocking software running. SurfWatch tested the best, with only four sites getting past the software. Cyber Patrol let six sites slip through, Cybersitter missed eight, and NetNanny let all 22 through.

Perhaps the best answer for all of this is found in Job 31:1

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