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Persecuted Evangelicals In Chiapas

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Over the past twenty-five years an estimated 30,000 Evangelical Christians have fled their homes to escape religious persecution in the southern Mexico state of Chiapas. Last November two Evangelicals were shot to death. Last December Chiapas was the scene of the massacre of forty-five Indians as they prayed for peace inside a neutral church near San Cristobel des las Casas. The latest conflict has been simmering since the short revolt by Zapatista guerrillas in January 1994. Evangelicals generally have been caught between the traditional Catholics who support the government and the Zapatistas who demand social reforms. World Fellowship of Reformed Churches (WFRC) has been involved with the Mexican government to ease the plight of the Evangelicals and to plead for some government support and protection for them. WFRC cited six Presbyterian churches in Chiapas which had been closed by local government repression and has pointed to false charges and imprisonment of Presbyterians in the aftermath of the December massacre. Apparently, local leaders had conveniently and hastily blamed Evangelicals for these deaths. (From Christian Observer)

Let us remember our brothers and sisters in bonds at the throne of grace!

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