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Kurds in Turkey and Iraq Show Interest in the Gospel

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Despite severe persecution in the Middle East, a strong Kurdish church is emerging. In fact, the Kurds could even turn out to be the key to reaching the entire region for Christ. Turkey has about 13 million Kurds, Iran 6 million, Iraq 4 million, and Syria 1 million. The brutal persecution inflicted on Kurds by their fellow Muslims has made them more open to the Gospel. The majority of Kurds are under age 40, have a negative view of Islam and are looking for something to believe in. There is a renewed interest also, in their historic links to Judaism and Christianity, e.g. the Medes who allowed the exiled Jews to return to Israel in 539 BC were the ancestors of the Kurds. (From Current Thoughts & Trends, May 1998, submitted by Gary DeSterke.)

This development will be of interest, since members of the Pikkert family, known in the Hamilton FRC, have a great zeal for reaching this people group. It should also spur us to more fervent prayer for the coming of God's kingdom among the Kurds and everywhere.

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