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Bill Gates Supports Pro-Abortion In A Mega Way

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Bill Gates (Microsoft), the wealthiest man in the US, is reported to have donated $1.7 million to the United Nations Population Fund last April. This fund seeks to limit population growth in poor nations through abortion. The William H. Gates Foundation gave the money to cover a three-year grant for population programs, including a nation-to-nation technology exchange, and for a five-year review of the pro-abortion 1994 Cairo population conference. The Gates foundation has been active in the population and reproductive science fields, awarding previous grants for research on contraceptives and last year giving John Hopkins University money to use technology to address the so-called over-population problem. (From Christian Observer)

That such support is given to evil technology is terrible; but that such support is given to the United Nations Population Fund boggles the mind because of the hypocrisy in the UN. Consider the following as reported by Campaign Life Coalition National News. Using figures from the United Nations and the National Institute for Demographic Studies in France, the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family recently exposed the myth of over-population and showed that the real population problem the world faces is a dangerous decline in birth rates. 51 out of 185 countries, representing almost half the world's population, are now unable to replace their populations; and 13 countries, including Italy, Germany, and Russia, are already suffering rapid de-population. The study showed that the result has been a dramatic decline in the proportion of young people to old people. It also outlined the host of socio-economic problems such an imbalance creates.

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