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Muslim Pakistan Hard On Christian's Children

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Muslims have kidnapped the daughters of two Christian families and tried to force their conversion to Islam. When the parents sought the help of authorities for their return, a public outcry prevented the courts from giving the girls back. A judge in Rawalpindi ordered three girls to be jailed rather than return them to their family, saying that it would be too dangerous for them. In January, the landlords of a poor Christian family forcibly took three daughters from Khushi Masih and his wife. When Masih tried to recover them, he was told the girls (ages 15, 13 and 11) had converted. They sent the girls to protective custody, where only the family was supposed to visit. However, four Muslim visitors a day have been visiting. At the hearing, 50 Muslim lawyers showed up to protest the release of the girls, and an armed man threatened to kill them if they returned to Christianity. Someone even offered money to Masih to give up his claims. The judge still claims he will return the girls to their families, though the families may have to move.

Another man, Daniel Neno, has nearly given up hope of getting his daughter back after 20 months. She was first taken at the age of 14, in August 1996. Her Muslim captor is a well-known local landowner. Instead of returning the girl to her parents, a judge accused her of immorality and put her in jail for safekeeping. There her jailers abused her. After ten weeks, they allowed the daughter to return home. When Neno filed charges against the policeman who raped her, the officer threatened the family. In September 1997, they took the girl again. After six weeks the landlord who took her the first time brought her to court, where she testified she had converted to Islam. Neno, a poor and illiterate peasant, now believes he cannot win. "I can't acquire justice. I am asking God to do justice. That's my only hope." (From Christian Observer)

Indeed, that is his only hope É and may God do justice soon for him, his daughter, and for other children living in Muslim countries. It is rather disturbing to think that the Muslim community is requesting tolerance towards them as they live in Western countries, but there is obviously no tolerance for Christians in Muslim countries. Again, may God do justice.

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