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Another Mayor Refuses Proclamation

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Mayor Brad Woodside of Fredericton was brought before the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission recently after a Fredericton homosexual activist group charged him with discrimination for again refusing to proclaim a gay pride week. Woodside's lawyers cited his faith as prohibiting him from issuing such a proclamation and noted that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects his rights in that area. A gay pride week "does not represent, in my estimation, what the community is all about and what would be accepted by the community," Woodside said outside the hearing room. He added that he doesn't like seeing Toronto's Mayor Mel Lastman held up as an example of the right thing to do when handling the issue of gay rights. Mariana Valverda, a sociologist at the University of Toronto, was brought in as an "expert" witness and told the commission that Lastman's appearance at Toronto's gay pride parade was an example of "civic acceptance." Mayors in Hamilton and London, Ont. received fines after similar "offences". (From The Interim)

Good for Mayor Brad Woodside! It is already a foregone conclusion what will happen with him. But let us hope and pray that he will not buckle under. What gives with these Human Rights people anyway? It appears to me that they are all hand-picked by the homosexual lobby. Standing for one's faith is now considered an offence, while flaunting one's carnal lusts a civic acceptable thing to do. Indeed, the Bible is correct in telling us that in the last days good will be called evil, and evil good.

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