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Clinton: No Inherent Clash With Islam!

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Islam and the West are not destined to be enemies, President Clinton said in an address on global terrorism on September 21 at the United Nations. The belief that terrorism is the inevitable result of conflicts between the two cultures is "terribly wrong," he said. "Americans respect Islam and understand that it does not condone murdering innocent people." Islamic states that fund terrorism and radical sects that carry it out are "false prophets" who "use and abuse religion" to justify their objectives. Some may have the world believe that Almighty God himself, the merciful, grants a license to kill. But that is not our understanding of Islam," Clinton said. Islam is one of the fastest-growing faiths in the United States, with 6 million Muslims worshipping in 1,200 mosques. American Muslims "will tell you there is no inherent clash between Islam and America," Clinton said. (According to Reuters.)

That may be so, but as the following two notes show, there is a clash between Islam and Christianity. Hundreds of Christians have been detained and tortured by Egyptian Security Forces. The crackdown followed the murder of two Christians by Muslims last month in Desk, a village in the Dar Assalam region of Egypt, Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports. Sammer Hakkem, 25, and Karam Tamer, 27, were found murdered in the village, and their killers were identified as three Muslims. A bishop reported the matter to the head of the Security Forces in the area, but no effort was made to bring the alleged killers to justice. The State Security forces arrested hundreds of Christians instead, CSW said. The roundup continued until the first week of September and the number of people arrested may be as high as 1,000, a church leader said. Some have been tortured by electric shock, and others have been whipped and hung upside down. Security personnel verbally abused the Christians, calling them infidels and cursing the Egyptian Coptic Pope, Shenouda. Local priest Gibrai'il Masih urged the Egyptian Centre for Human Rights to take up the case, but no action has been taken. Efforts by Western human rights organizations have led to the release of those wrongfully detained, but authorities are reluctant to take any action against those responsible, news reports said. An English Christian has left Morocco. Graham Hutt was arrested earlier this year for transporting Bibles on his yacht into the Islamic country. Officials released Hutt, but confiscated his boat because he allegedly failed to pay an import tax. After five months of legal wrangling, they returned the boat in exchange for payment of a customs duty. "I know that it has only been the persistent prayer and representation to the authorities that has resolved the situation," Hutt said. He still faces charges for the alleged illegal importation of Bibles, Voice of the Martyrs said.

Whatever Clinton might say, Islam presents big problems for Christians.

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