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Twisting The Gospel To One's Own Destruction

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A youth minister died giving a sermon illustration. Melvyn Nurse, 35, of Livingway Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Fla., shot himself in front of 250 people on September 24. He was illustrating the danger of drug use and violence by comparing it to Russian roulette, the Associated Press said. Nurse put a blank cartridge in a revolver and, as he made each point, spun the cylinder and fired it above his head. At the end of the sermon, he put the revolver to his head and pulled the trigger. The blank cartridge flew apart and shattered his skull in front of the audience, which included his wife and four daughters. "We were absolutely stunned. Nobody moved. We thought it might be part of his sermon and he would pop back up," associate pastor Michael Cooper said. The death convinced at least one teen to get rid of his gun, Cooper said. "It was a total wake-up call. They got the message." (From Religion Today)

That may be so, but this youth minister proved himself to be a tragic case of Gospel-twisting to his own destruction.

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