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Anti-Abortion or Anti-Semitism?

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A protester had threatened abortionists. James ÒAtomic DogÓ KoppÕs car reportedly was seen near Barnett SlepianÕs house on the day the abortion doctor was killed by a bullet from a high-powered rifle as he stood in his kitchen. The editor of a Hamilton, Ontario, newspaper said Kopp has delivered three threatening letters to the newspaper since December 1997, Reuters said. ÒOne of them, from last summer, said the next shooting would be fatal,Ó Hamilton Spectator City Editor Eric McGuinness said. KoppÕs last letter to the newspaper came five days after SlepianÕs death and contained a picture of the doctor with the words ÒJewÓ and ÒkillerÓ and ÒnaziÓ scrawled across it. The attack on Slepian is similar to several against Canadian abortionists in the past three years, all of whom are Jewish.

It makes one wonder if the motive for killing is indeed ant -abortion. It sounds more like anti-semitism. Of course, whatever the motive, it is murder that should be punished by the law as should abortion!

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