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Space And Faith

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
John GlennÕs return to space has reinvigorated his faith. The experiences of seeing the earth from the vantage point of 340 miles up Òonly strengthens my beliefs,Ó he said during a news conference from the space capsule. The 77-year-old Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) elder said he prays every day and believes that Òeverybody should.Ó Glenn said he was healthy, sleeping well, and keeping busy as the subject of research and a part-time scientist, news reports said. John Glenn is not alone in finding renewed faith in the heavens. Several astronauts say they feel in awe of God while looking down at the earth. The crew of Apollo 8 read from Genesis while making the first flight around the moon. The first liquid poured and food eaten on the moon occurred when Buzz Aldrin took Communion, the San Jose Mercury News said. Apollo astronaut Jim Irwin became an evangelist. Astronaut Tammy Jernigan talked about her Christian faith during a live broadcast from a shuttle three years ago. Shannon Lucid, the daughter of missionaries, took a ministerÕs sermons up on the Russian space station Mir. When the space station was damaged in a crash, one of the cosmonautsÕ first broadcasts was to thank God that they survived. Astronauts reportedly have held an active Bible study among themselves. ÓTo look up out at this kind of creation and not believe in God is to me impossible,Ó Glenn said during a news conference from space on November 1. (From Religion Today)

It is refreshing to hear that some note-worthy people are still willing to speak of their impressions of God.

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