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An Honest Leader

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
NorwayÕs leader is overcoming depression. Keel Mange Bondevik, 51, took 3? weeks of sick leave, then admitted that his sickness was a Òdepressive reactionÓ to the stress of running the country and the inability to find any private space in his life. After sleeping late, walking in the country and meditating, Bondevik, who is a Lutheran minister, returned to work last month for parliamentÕs debate about the nationÕs budget surplus and discovered that he was somewhat of a hero, The Washington Post said. Many Norwegians are proud of what he did, and the opposition party has been quiet. Bondevik said he wanted to demystify depression, Òsomething which is fairly common, but which many people have problems talking about openly.Ó He said he wanted to start a debate Òon the boundaries between what is public and what is private.Ó Bondevik preaches, prays every day, and says God is the source of his strength, the Christian agency Youth With A Mission said. He has promised to fight violence, sexual abuse, greed, and the increase in satanic beliefs among NorwayÕs youth. ÒSociety will be warmer with the Christian PeopleÕs Party,Ó he told the nationÕs 4.4 million people during his election campaign. He reportedly supports legislation curbing permissive abortion laws, forbidding homosexual marriages, and restricting alcohol sales to reduce its use by 25% per year. He supports banning shops from operating on Sundays, increasing the number of Christian TV shows, and restricting violent content on the countryÕs networks. (From Religion Today)

Bondevik is an honest man, admitting his weakness, but he is showing himself at the same time to be a strong leader. If we only had more of them.

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