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Burning Bible

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Bibles are being burned in Kenya. Members of a group called ÒEnd the Bible EraÓ are soliciting Bibles from unsuspecting Christian organizations and destroying them, Africa News Service said. A group of Nairobi Christian leaders issued a warning to church-run schools, hospitals, and other institutions to be on guard against people asking for large donations of Bibles. They said that more than 1 million Bibles have been destroyed since March. Some news reports have said the books are being destroyed in a satanic ritual that involves sprinkling them with human blood and setting them on fire. A more sophisticated approach reportedly involves buying all the Bibles at Christian bookstores to inflate prices and make it harder for people to purchase them. (From Religion Today)

This brings us back to the days of Tyndale, does it not? It reminds us also that we should be careful in our Bible distribution. Be well informed about the means and ways and destination of our donated Bibles!

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