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MARS Moves Toward Accreditation

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Mid-America Reformed Seminary has begun the process of seeking accreditation for its Master of Divinity degree program. The seminary, founded in 1982 in the Northwest Iowa town of Orange City as an alternative to Calvin Theological Seminary and primarily intended for conservative Christian Reformed students, has broadened its focus over the years. Seminary growth both led to and resulted from a move to Chicago, and the seminary has now decided to seek accreditation from the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), the primary accrediting body for graduate level seminary training in the United States. ÒAccreditation is basically a means of exercising some kind of mutual accountability between institutions of a similar kind and program to make sure that minimum standards are in place,Ó said Mid-America professor Dr. Cornel Venema, who is coordinating the accreditation effort. Venema noted that some evangelical seminaries have gotten into difficulty over their theological stances with other accrediting agencies, but he didnÕt expect such problems from ATS. ÒMost of the Reformed and Presbyterian seminaries are either accredited or pursuing accreditation,Ó said Venema. ÒWeÕre not interested in accreditation if at any point we have to compromise something of which we are convicted.Ó (From United Reformed News Service)

Accreditation may not mean too much to most people, but for those in seminary it is the only way to go for post-graduate studies, which makes for professors in seminaries.

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