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Update: Nico Kattenberg

Written by Garry Postma
In the December issue of the Messenger, Nico informed us that he and his fiancee Lia hope to get married at the end of December. The wedding is scheduled for December 29 the Lord willing and we trust that as this update is being read that everything has gone as planned. We congratulate them and pray that the Lord bless this marriage to His honour. Plans were for Nico and Lia to leave the week following the wedding for language training in Costa Rica. Due to registration problems, they will now leave for Costa Rica in May. In the meantime they will be taking several Spanish courses in B.C. three Spanish language courses and two Spanish cultural courses. While in Guatemala, Nico completed his three month practicum course. He has now graduated with a BA in Missions and Cross-cultural studies.

Here are a few excerpts from his reports to the Mission Committee: It was a real learning experience for me and an eye openerÉ I feel that Ken (Rev. Herfst) and I are compatible in the work. I appreciate him as my friend and counsellorÉ Jackie (Mrs. Herfst) went all out to feed me. I had to fatten up, so she would give me the biggest and choicest portions. During those three months I was basically Ken's shadow. Where he went, I went. What he did, I did more or lessÉ It is an adjustment; to the food, sleeping, etc., however, it is worthwhile. I love the scenery, and of course the peopleÉ There are times of hunger, thirst, fatigue. But once you are among the people all that is forgottenÉ In my time here, God has really convicted me, through His Word, for the need to reach the lostÉ

May the Lord continue to bless the work of Gary and Martha DeSterke, Rev. Ken and Jackie Herfst and John and Connie Otten as they labour in Cubulco among the Achi People.

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