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Gambling Top Religious Story

Written by Rev. H. Bergsma
The effort by Canadian churches to stop the spread of government-sanctioned gambling has been named by Christian Week newspaper as one of the top religious stories of 1998. In Alberta, churches were instrumental in calling for plebiscites on video lottery terminals in many communities during October municipal elections. Similar groups campaigned in Brantford, Ontario [and included Free Reformed spokesmen, CP] and British Columbia.

Some of the other top church-related stories of 1998, as selected by the Winnipeg-based newspaper are: Anglicans remain split over issues such as the ordination of practicing homosexuals and whether Christianity is the only way to God. Natural and man-made disasters in 1998, included the ice storm in Eastern Canada and the Swissair crash off Nova Scotia, resulting in overt examples of Christian compassion in action. After years of fruitless effort, David Mainse' persistence paid off and the veteran broadcaster of religious programs was granted a licence to establish a Christian TV station in Southern Ontario. (From Canadian Press)

If only a true spiritual revival in the land could become the top religious story some day! May God perform that sort of work in our land.

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