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Voice Of Martyrs Reports On Persecutions

Written by Rev. H. Bergsma
In Saudi Arabia Some Christians are being expelled from Saudi Arabia. About 25 were scheduled to be deported from the Muslim country. Those being deported reportedly are expatriates who work in the country and worship underground. "They are trying to weed out everybody who is a Christian," said pastor Wally Magdangal, who has spent time in a Saudi prison for his faith. The country outlaws all religious worship outside of Islam. Those who were scheduled to be expelled "have been there for many years as productive workers in the government and elsewhere," Magdangal said. Saudi Arabia expelled five Filipino Christians. The women, who worked at the Armed Forces Hospital in Riyadh, reportedly had held Christian worship services in their homes. The hospital administrator called them into his office and said that the Ministry of Interior ordered that they be dismissed without severance pay. Some of the women had worked at the facility for more than 20 years. Two Christian men have been allowed to stay in the country. The seven were part of a group of 25 threatened with expulsion last week. The status of the remaining 18 is unknown.

In China: "I will preach until I die," Chinese pastor Li Di Xian told police. Officers arrested him in a raid on a Protestant house church in Hua Du, Guangdong province, last week. They confiscated the church's Bibles, pews, and electrical equipment. Li reportedly had been arrested twice in the past three years and subjected to beatings. "He has felt under pressure for quite some time and has been expecting this." A stolen Communist Party document details Li's work in the past 10 years. "He has been arrested and educated many times, and yet his heart has not died and his nature has not changed," it reads. (From Voice of Martyrs)

This report is given, and others like it, lest we forget

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