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Frog Talk

Written by Rev. H. Bergsma
A new bracelet has an answer for the WWJD? question. Dicksons Inc., an Indiana company, is producing bracelets that read FROG, which means ÒFully Rely On God.Ó The four letters and an image of an amphibian are appearing on pins, bracelets, coffee mugs, shirts, caps, and magnets. More than 500,000 FROG bracelets have been sold nationwide since spring, the company told Religion News Service. Bracelets sell for 98 cents in Christian bookstores, and are aimed mostly at young people or youth group leaders. WWJD? which stands for What Would Jesus Do? got its start with a marketing company in West Michigan (and perhaps also by Charles M. Sheldon's book entitled In His Steps). Dicksons said FROG gives students something new to talk about. (From Religious News Service)

Fads come and go. WWJD? was popular with some youth groups just a while ago; now it seems that FROG will be in. Why not recommend the BIBLE to the students? The Bible is not like a fad that comes and goes. God's Word abides forever!

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