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Millenial Messianic Stir In Israel

Written by Rev. H. Bergsma
Israeli security forces are preparing for the millennium. The government has allocated $12 million for surveillance measures to prevent Jewish or Christian extremists from attacking the Al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock mosques on the Temple Mount. The money will pay for 400 policemen and security measures, including surveillance cameras and sensors, the Associated Press said. The Al Aqsa mosque is the third holiest site in Islam and some Christian groups believe it will be destroyed to clear the way for the construction of a new Jewish temple. Some commentators believe the Bible indicates that the Jewish messiah will come when the temple is erected. Some Christians have rented places on the Mount of Olives in hopes of witnessing Christ's return.

"The matter of messianic activity with the approach of the year 2000 is a matter we have been dealing with for a very long time," police commander Yair Yitzhaki said. Security forces will be trained to deal with suicide attempts at the Temple Mount by religious fanatics. Meanwhile, Jews who have placed their hopes and trust in Jesus Christ the Messiah (Messianic Jews), are having a hard time in Israel. Ultra-Orthodox Jews besieged a Messianic Jewish congregation in Israel. Several hundred haredim reportedly surrounded a meeting hall used by Jewish believers in Jesus in Be'er Sheva on November 28. About 30 worshippers were trapped in the building for four hours, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem said. The mob shouted threats and curses, threw stones, and spit at Messianic believers who came outside, the agency said. Some in the crowd told police officers that the children in the congregation should be handed over to them for safekeeping, one witness said. Israeli police were unable to disperse the crowd but did prevent them from storming the building. Police escorted the believers past the mob. (Gleaned from Religion Today)

It is a strange phenomenon in Israel: so-called "Christians" expecting a millenial Messiah are welcomed, but true Christians are still being persecuted. It shows that the millenial Messiah which many dispensationalists worship is considered much less of a threat by the Ultra-Orthodox than Jesus Christ the Messiah Himself.

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