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Urge Christian Exodus From Public Schools

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Southern Baptist advocates of Christian education are pointing to a rash of religious censorship incidents in Plano, Texas, as indications that local Christians are having little influence on its public school system. Four families have recently sued the Plano Independent School District over its ban on traditional Christmas colours and on students handing out religious-themed gifts. Grady Arnold is a Southern Baptist pastor who heads , a group that advocates a Christian exodus from public schools. He is openly critical of what he sees happening and says, unfortunately, many Christian pastors are afraid to speak out against anti-Christian discrimination in government-funded schools. GetTheKidsOut exists to help Christians work within their own denominations to alert parents of "the staggering loss of faith and morals in children who attend the 'officially neutral' public schools," and assist them in finding ways to move children into Christian schools or home-schooling situations. "Certainly, God's called us to give our kids a thoroughly Christian education," the group's executive director says, "and doing that in the public school is nigh to impossible." Arnold says more Christian parents need to awaken to the danger of an even larger and more devastating disaster going on in their midst--a wave of secularism, humanism, relativism, and other spiritual toxins that is daily consuming thousands of children on a continual basis in the public schools across America. (From Agape Press)

It is no different in Canada and a reminder that Christian education of our children is not a luxury but a necessity.

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