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Well-Known Back to God Hour Radio Minister Takes His Stand on Women in Office

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
On January 16 of this year, Dr. Joel Nederhood delivered a message at the Bethel CRC of Lansing, Illinois, where he is a member. Since 1960, Dr. Nederhood has served CRCÕS Back to God Hour broadcast ministry. In his message entitled ÒWomen, the Bible, and the ChurchÓ, Dr. Nederhood spoke out against women in office. He warned of the dangers of feminist theology, and urged strict adherence to Scripture which Òhas ultimate authority for our lives, and certainly for the church.Ó Dr. Nederhood concluded: ÒIf the church disregards Biblical religion and creates a form of Christianity that has moved beyond Scriptures, it will not enjoy the riches of GodÕs grace. What will appear to be a step forward for its female members will in fact be a serious regression for them and for the entire body of Christ. The church has nothing if it does not have the Bible. The Spirit-inspired Bible mediates the presence of Christ among us. All of us, men and women, need the discipline of Scriptures if we are to survive. The greatest disservice we could do for one another would be to substitute for the religion of our own making.Ó (The Reformed Witness, April 1994)

Dr. Nederhood spoke as a faithful servant of God, and as a compassionate pastor of people!

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