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Islam Pushed in the Sudan

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
In a recent radio interview, the Sudanese minister of education declared: ÒSudan is a Muslim nationÉThose who are opposed to our plans for the full application of the Islamic laws and standards are fighting a losing battleÉIslam is the only force and ideology which can unify our country. This is our divine destinyÉEnemies of Islam are also enemies of AllahÕs will for a unified, peaceful, prosperous and sovereign nation. Sooner or later all Sudanese will come to that conclusion. Those who foolishly continue to hold out against the complete islamization of the nation will have to find another country for themselves. They cannot resist AllahÕs will. They better pack up and leaveÉÓ (from a MERF newsletter).

Another reason for us to pray and to sing: ÒChrist shall have dominionÉÓ

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