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USA Evangelicals and Catholics Shake Hands

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Forty prominent Evangelical and Roman Catholic leaders in the United States have agreed they must stop aggressive proselytizing of each otherÕs people. A declaration was issued on March 29 entitled, ÒEvangelicals and Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium.Ó The drafting committee consisted of men like Charles Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship, and Richard John Neuhaus, an ex-Lutheran now become Roman Catholic and head of the Institute on Religion and Public Life, among others. The Roman Catholic Church (RC) signers of this statement felt that it was not necessary for any RC members to be evangelized, because as the statement made clear: ÒCatholics who are validly baptized do not need to be born again, but may need their faith reawakened through conversion.Ó

The statement is, however, not the official stance of any church. Colson noted that evangelical Protestants Òhave much more in common with Bible-believing CatholicsÓ than with the liberal Protestants. (REC News Exchange)

ColsonÕs last note can be appreciated, but what would Luther have thought about this handshake with Catholics who teach that those baptized do not need to be born again?

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