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Ligonier Study Centre Possible in London, Ontario

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Representatives of Ligonier Canada and Ligonier USA, a teaching ministry under the leadership of Reformed and Presbyterian minister R.C. Sproul, met with pastors from the Free Reformed, Independent CRC, and Reformed Church in America churches from the London area, to consider the formation of a Ligonier Study Centre in the city of London, Ontario.

Ligonier Ministries began in 1971 in western Pennsylvanian and has, under the direction of Dr. R.C. Sproul, gained a national and international following. The headquarters are located in Orlando, Florida.

Ligonier employs a popular mass media presentation approach to teaching orthodox Biblical and theological truths. The study centre in London would organize the Ligonier study materials into courses for an ongoing Christian education program. The study centre would provide the opportunity for Christian leadership training as well as encourage Christians to use Ligonier materials as outreach. A module library and book store would also be set up to facilitate the use of Ligonier materials for both students and churches.

Three classes are planned to be offered in the fall at the present home of the London Independent CRC at 30 Grand Avenue, London. The courses offered would be announced by the middle of June. Interested students and supporters are encouraged to call Dr. Neal Hegeman at (519) 432-0808 for more information.

Bob Ingram, Senior Vice-President of Ligonier was encouraged with the theological and academic qualifications of proposed teachers for the new centre. They include: Rev. Jeff Kingswood (RCA, Woodstock), Rev. Neil Pronk (Free Reformed minister in St. Thomas); Rev. Leo Schaasfsma (RCA minister in Springford); Rev Carl Schouls (Free Reformed minister in Vineland); Rev. John Tangelder (retired CRC minister living in Williamsburg); and Dr. Neal Hegeman (pastor of the Independent Reformed Church in London).

Such an inter-denominational group of pastor/teachers for the London Ligonier Study Centre would be committed to the Three Forms of Unity and the Westminster Confessions. The project would be overseen by Ligonier Canada in conjunction with the study centre administration committee. (A similar announcement can also be read in Christian Renewal of June 20).

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