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Scots Object to Euthanasia as Practiced in the Netherlands

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The Church of ScotlandÕs Board of Social Responsibility called on the General Assembly to oppose legalization of euthanasia at its May 21 to 27 meeting in Edinburgh. The report described euthanasia as Òthe expression of an attitude to life which belittles the sovereignty of God, diminishes the importance of sustaining relationships, and inhibits the pursuit of life-affirming answers for people in need and in distress.Ó

The report warned of the real danger of the development of a euthanasia mentality which does not even consider the alternatives when faced with a terminal illness. Such a mentality, it claimed, was becoming established in the Netherlands, Òwhere many people were beginning to see euthanasia as a right in the event of developing terminal illness.Ó The report was concerned that, if euthanasia were legalized, Òthis would change medical practice and would bring about public perception, as it has already done in the Netherlands.Ó (EPS)

The Netherlands, once a nation which stood in the front rows of the Reformation, now stands in the front rows of deformation and stands as a warning for other nations.

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