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A Mayor With Conviction

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
ÒI want to begin by giving the glory to God for the outcome of this eveningÉI want to say before the city that I am nothing without His love and mercy.Ó With these words mayor Dianne Haskett began her acceptance speech on the evening of November 10, 1997, after winning a landslide 61,980 to 30,207 victory in the mayorÕs election in London, Ontario. The voters of London have given mayor Haskett approval for a second term in office.

Her first term in office was not without difficulties. Being an avowed Christian, Haskett had her opposition in council from members who did not care for her principled ways of running the city. Her greatest difficulties began when she refused to proclaim Gay Pride Week and was subsequently taken to the court of the Human Rights Commission by the gay community, charged and fined and instructed to give recognition and make honourable mention of the gay movement. She has paid her fine of $10,000 (most, if not all, from her own pocket) but has made it clear that she will not do what the Bible forbids. In protest to the ruling of the Human Rights Commission, Haskett laid down her office for three weeks during campaign-time and handed the office of Acting Mayor to the Deputy Mayor, Grant Hopcroft, who, by the way, was her main contender for the office. In her statement upon her withdrawal from public life, Haskett had it printed in the local paper, ÒI am putting myself at the mercy and goodwill of the people of LondonÉIf the people of London decide to give me another term as mayor, I will consider it the greatest gift I could ever ask forÉÓ Meanwhile, the local press and a large number of city politicians began a campaign of ridicule and slander against Haskett. Hopcroft, in his campaign, promised that he would declare Gay Pride Week if he were elected mayor. But on November 10 the citizens of London voted. Hopcroft was soundly defeated, and Dianne Haskett is mayor for a second term. May God bless her!

As local churches we have prayed for this outcome. We are shown that God is still in control and we thank Him for showing that so clearly at this time.

Post Note: The powers of darkness are still using the press in particular to vent their anger about the turn of events. Please continue to pray for mayor Dianne Haskett and for the city of London.

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